Standard Operating Procedures For Making Products

This post will be updated periodically as additional tips come to my attention. The steps provided are starting points.

As you read, if you see something I missed, send your bullet point to With your permission I will reference your name, state and date comment provided in the next iteration of the post.

Here are some general rules for all types of products:

  • Make sure working surfaces and equipment are sanitized
  • Practice safety precautions as applicable to the product you are making
  • When measuring ingredients try to use ounces or grams rather than volume (teaspoon, tablespoon, cups and the like). Ounces or grams are more accurate measures of weight.
  • Remove distractions, (phone, pets, children, etc.)
  • Read your recipe several times
  • Prepare all ingredients before you start
  • Give yourself plenty of time to work, haste makes waste
  • Not sure how your ingredients will react, test recipe in a small batch
  • It is good to use others well documented recipes as a learning tool. Do not be afraid to experiment and take the recipe one or two steps further. Some call this “A Spin”, “A Twist”, “Enhancements”, I call it “Creativity”. I remember years ago BASF had a commercial that said “We do not make the product we make it better”.
  • If you are selling your products follow all labeling requirements as determined by the governing governmental agency
  • If you are selling your product make sure you have invested in the appropriate liability insurance
  • Do not make medical claims for your recipes, unless you are able to prove the claim through a fully document clinical trial. The long term ramification of such claims can be costly.
  • It’s okay if you do not like something you made, happens to me all the time
  • Something bombed out, it’s okay to cry
  • Laugh at your self
  • Have fun