Lavender Project Part 3 – Lavender Messages for Life

When I re-started my blog in Feb 2019, my goal was to publish an article at least once a month. Life happens, things happen that you have no control over. For the past couple of months, life happened. At the onset of the happening, I made a decision not to take on any negative emotions or thoughts even though the situation was very uprooting and threw a major wrench in my personal and professional goals. As I look back over the situation, I know I made the right choice regarding my attitude. I could be angry, bitter, play the blame game or be grateful for all of the love and kindness shown to me through a very trying time.


I consider Lavender my friend. I simply love the way she smells. Her presence in so calming. When I inhale her aroma, my mind goes from a very fast racing mode to a mode that assures me things are going to be okay; take a deep breath and breathe; it’s not the end of the world; in calmness, you will find the answers.


When I think in calmness I remember a great many things. Many years ago, I developed four acrostics from the word “Lavender”. Today I decided to re-read and share them. My hope is that at least one “Lavender Message for Life” will encourage and brighten your day, as well as your tomorrows, weeks, months and years to come. Enabling you to see the past for what it is—something that’s gone, whether good or bad. If we choose to continue in the past we will never move forward, never change, never grow, never…


#1 – Lavender a Message for Life

L = Life is a gift from God
A = Abundance begins with the heart, love a lot
V = Victory over anything begins with a thought
E = Excellence is better than perfection because it’s achievable
N =

Never forget to say:

“I Love You”

“Thank You”

“Forgive Me”

“I Am Sorry”

D = Determination is one of the ways to obtain your goals, stay focused
E = Extraordinary is what God does with ordinary people
R = Remember to laugh at yourself, it will keep you from being bitter


#2 Lavender a Message for Life

L = Lord teach me to love your “No’s”
A = Acknowledging my faults keeps me humble
V = Verification of the truth stops gossip
E = Enriching my life by going outside of the box
N = Never doubt what I am able to achieve
D = Dare to be different
E = Exercising my spirit, soul and body will keep me young
R = Responsibility deters blame



#3 Lavender a Message for Life

L = Love yourself, be YOU!!
A = Addressing your pain will make you stronger
V = Victory is laying your pain to rest
E = Empower yourself, speak life
N = Never envy, too much energy
D = Derail defying thoughts by disabling the lie
E = Expand your territory by sharing your knowledge
R = Rare gem, the only one of its kind in the world, YOU!!


#4 Lavender a Message for Life

L = Love yourself, be honest with you
A = Aqua-hydrate to sustain life
V = Vacate evil thoughts, they kill the soul
E = Exit your past and enter into the present
N = Not all “No’s” are “Knows”
D = Don’t  quit, perseverance equals results
E = Every day is a gift from God
R = Realize shortcomings are our opportunity for growth, you choose


This posting has the most wonderful recipe, learning to make peace with oneself.