The Lavender Project

Hey There!!!!

I bet you are wondering, “Lavender Project? Hmmmm”

Give me a few minutes to share my story.

For the past several years I had shared with my mom that I wanted to create a blog. One section of the blog would be dedicated to Lavender Essential Oils, Lavender Buds and other things Lavender.  She thought this was a good idea, and she said, “You better get moving”.

My mother had a few favorite fragrances: peppermint, ginger, and most of all she LOVED Lavender. I would make Lavender products, and she would be one of my main test persons. She gave me honest answers.  When describing the Lavender project, I told Mom the range of goodies would be easy on the money, good for the tummy, great for the geek, super for the sweet, for the young who feel old, and for the old who’s young and whatever else in between. She would respond, “Go on girl with your bad self!” We both would laugh.  I would share with her products that were in the pipeline for the coming months. When she would say, “I would really like to try that,” I would position that product at the top of the list”.

On January 2, 2018 I had the most awesome dream. I was in my laboratory. The place was a scientist’s dream!  My mom and I were working together making all kinds of cool products. My Mom was my creativity and business partner.

I woke up and thought, “What an awesome dream!” Unfortunately, I was late for work. I rushed out of the house, but I had planned on sharing the dream with Mom later in the day.  Around 4:30-ish I got up from my desk and turned to say something to my colleague, who sat behind me. As I turned my head, I felt a kiss on my cheek just the way my Mom kissed me. When I felt the kiss, I said, “Mommy!” Mom passed on January 3, 2018 around 4:30pm. One of my colleagues stayed with me for several hours. I did not get home until late that evening.  The dream has been my encouragement because my mother was one of the few people who knew I was seriously considering throwing in the hat.

A few weeks later my niece came to visit. She was on leave from her merchant sea person’s job. I shared my dream with her, and before she left my house she said,

“Auntie, Grandma was so proud of you. She talked about you all the time and the great things you are doing. She tells everyone she meets and knows about your business. Don’t give up. Grandma is with you. That is why she came to visit and encourage you before she left.”

My heart was so blessed. I am at a loss for words to describe how I felt. A bucket of tears flowed for the next several days.  Tears still flow today, but no longer in buckets just large coffee cups.

So… for the past several months, I starting putting the dream and words of encouragement in motion. Today is July 18, 2018, “Mom’s Birthday”.  What better way to honor her memory than launching my blog ( and the Lavender Project. And, to take it to another level, I decided to rename Mom’s favorite products after her. Most folks called her “Ms. Edna”.

Mom had heart disease and several strokes.  For every Ms. Edna product sold, I will donate to the American Heart Association in her memory. At the time of this writing I am still working through the legalism and donation percentage. The Ms. Edna products will be available in the webstore in the near future.

“Love you Mom. Miss you.”

Thanks for letting me share the story behind the Lavender Project. How long will the Lavender Project last?  I have no idea!  Over the years I must have shared with Mom over 100 different ideas on Lavender.  Come along with me and Ms. Edna on a Lavender adventure, and let the journey begin.